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wholesale how to find the factory+custom lanyard keychain

ts original color , we will suggest them to choose the printed style for their silicone wristband ; some people want to make the logo raised on the band surface , we will suggest them to choose the embossed printed style for their silicone rubber bracelet . Different style of the bracelet will show different effect to us , different style of the rubber bracelets have different production process . Such as produce the debossed colorfilled wristband .   Generally speaking , the production of 24 hour wristband is divided into two steps . The first step , we need to produce the debossed silicone rubber bracelet . About produce the debossed wristband , we need to produce the mold out first , the thickness of the line of the logo must be 0.3 mm at least , otherwise the logo can’t be mold out . After finished the debossed wristband , we will filled the ink to the logo and dry it . When we finished these two steps , the debossed rubber bracelet is finished .     customized-rubber-braceletsrubber-bracelets-cheap

ferent . There is a lot of difference in the price between some rubber wristbands .   The first reason for the price difference of rubber bracelet is the style of the silicone wristband is different .Such as the price of debossed without color silicone wristband is cheaper than debossed colorfilled silicone wristband . The reason is simple ,because when we produce the debossed colorfilled silicone wristband ,the production process is more than the debossed silicone wristbacustom lanyard keychainnd .We need to filled the ink into the message when we produce the debossed rubber wristbands . The second reason for the price difference of rubber bracelet is the size of the silicone wristband is different .The price of big size wristband is more expensive than the small size wristband . Because big size silicone bracelets will use more silica gel material .The last reason for the price difference of rubber bracelet is the packing of the silicone wristband is different .Normally ,custom lanyard keychainwe will wrap 100 pcs silicone wristband in one bag .If the customer choose this packaging method ,they don"t have to pay extra fees .However if the customer want to wrap one silicone wristband in one bag .The price of rubber wristbands is more expensive .     triple-single-rubber-band-braceletcle-usb-bracelet-silicone

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